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Welcome to the Whistle Blowing System

Whistle Blowing System is a page provided by the Internal Supervisory Unit (SPI) of Diponegoro University for those of you who have information and wish to report an act indicating a violation that occurred within the University of Diponegoro.

You don’t have to worry about your identity being revealed because SPI will KEEP your identity as a whistleblower. SPI values the information you report. Our focus is on the material you report.

Reporting Form

You can report a violation by filling out the form below:

SPI Universitas Diponegoro

Complaint Element

Your complaint will be easy to follow up if it meets the following elements:

  • What   : Acts indicating a known violation
  • Where : Where the act was carried out
  • When  : When the action is done
  • Who    : Who was involved in the act
  • How    : How the action was carried out (mode/way)

Whistleblower Privacy

SPI Diponegoro University will keep your identity a secret as a whistleblower because SPI only focuses on the information you report.

To maintain confidentiality, please note the following:

  • If you want your identity to remain confidential, do not disclose/fill in personal data, such as your name, or your relationship with the perpetrators.

  • Don’t tell/fill in data/information that makes it possible for others to track who you are.

  • Avoid other people knowing your pseudonym.