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On Friday, March 25, 2022, the Internal Supervisory Unit from the STIA LAN Jakarta Polytechnic visited Diponegoro University. The visit was in order to conduct a benchmarking on the SPI Undip.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Rohman S.E, M.Si, CA as the Head of Undip SPI along with the Undip SPI Secretary, Supervisor, and staff received the visit in the MWA Meeting Room, SA-MWA Building, Undip Tembalang Campus.

As for the SPI STIA LAN Polytechnic who visited Undip, namely Dr. Firman Hadi Rivai, S.STP., M.P.A as chairman of SPI Polytechnic STIA LAN Jakarta and also Mr. Budi Priyono, S.E, M.M as Secretary of SPI Polytechnic STIA LAN Jakarta.

The activity discussed the profile, scope, main duties, and authorities of Undip SPI. In this activity, Undip SPI also shared experiences related to the dynamics of internal control patterns.

With this benchmarking, it is hoped that the STIA LAN Polytechnic SPI and Undip SPI can improve their future performance even better.